The Graveyard Book by: Neil Gaiman

The Graveyard Book
by: Neil Gaiman

The characters and their definition:

  • Nobody “Bod” Owens- Bod lost his family when he was a baby because Jack killed them.

he lives in graveyard raced by ghosts.

  • The Owen’s- they adopted Bod and provided all of Bod’s needs.
  • Jack- he was the one who butchered Bod’s family using a knife.
  • Miss Lupescu- is the teacher of Bod.
  • Indigo Man- a big man who has violet tattoos.
  • The lady on the grey- death in human form. She is a mysterious-figure.


The first thing that happened was that Jack killed Bod’s family except for one. Bod survived the attempted murder. As a child, he did not know where to go. So he ended up in a graveyard. In the graveyard, Mr. and Mrs. Owens found him. They did not know his name so they decided to call him “Bod”. In short for Nobody. Bod grew up as a good child. When Bod was 14, his parents went to attend some business. Then one day, Scarlett showed Bod his room and saw there Jack Frost. And Jack attempted to kill Bod. So they battled. But unfortunately, Miss Lupescu didn’t make it alive.Then in the end Silas gives Bod money and passport and embarked on a   new journey in life.


  • Love yourparents. you never know what will happen in the future.
  • I recommend this book to everybody. Esecially the ones who have big imaginations.

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